The Hex Machine

Imperfection makes perfect, except in my case.

I'm Nicasia the Hex Machine. Also known as Nic, Nica or Nici, occasionally Boss by some. In the World of Warcraft I've been a shaman since June 2010, elemental all the way. I'm a guild leader, a part-time raid leader, a roleplayer, an altoholic, a DPS, a tank and a healer. I'm a devoted fisherman and a hardcore archaeologist, whose cooking skill is about 8 in real life. I got it up to 8 by pushing the buttons on my microwave oven.

I have characters scattered on multiple realms, but my main base of operations is the European RP (I wish!) realm Moonglade. As a person I'm very stubborn and proud, but also quite kind and usually patient. And a rogue.

Letter to Greatfather Winter, from the Hex Machine

Dear Greatfather Winter, please place
  • Invincible's Reins
  • Tabard of the Lightbringer
  • strength to do Loremaster
  • lots of Ulduar runs
  • peace for the world
  • skill, courage and patience to be a great guild master
  • my fellow appreciated people (that some know as 'friends', but I prefer not to use that term) to stick with me 
  • a dear person I might have lost <3
  • positive attitude for the raiders
  • inspiration
  • will for a certain person to keep liking me
  • cinder from Firelands
  • essence from Firelands
  • Nica that wants less things 
  • transmogrifiable items of the model and colour of Outlander's Facewrap, for all armour types please!
  • Bryntroll
  • Pattern: High Society Top Hat
with the name 'Nicasia' under the tree next Christmas.

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