Since the blog is dedicated to my WoW characters and their adventures and shenanigans in Azeroth, I felt that a puny list of them on the bottom of the site wasn't quite the spotlight they deserved. Therefore I decided to give them a page of their own, where I've listed all of my somewhat played and roleplayed characters with links to their Armory pages. The listing goes: Server, surname, first name (as used in RP).

Argent Dawn (EU)

Aldenkamp, Zachariel
de Luca, Ancelot
Virgoloff, Valerian

Moonglade (EU)

Bosko, Aleksej
Croft, Raleigh
Delacroix, Angelus
Desrosiers, Elias
Dragomirov, Jester
Harding, Sorley
Jelen, Milka
Jelen, Vladan

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