Monday, September 10, 2012

And I said heeeeeeeyeeeeeeeyeeeeeeeeyeeeheeh

I said hey, what's going on? This post is going to cover a bit of stuff that has happened recently that aren't quite important enough to have individual posts, but should be mentioned anyhow.

1. I've been sick. I am sick. Stupid, stupid flu. Stuck to my bed and unable to stay up more than two hours a day, and even that is a struggle. Work lagging behind, school lagging behind and WoW life shut down, since I am unable to do anything else but lie down and/or sleep. Luckily the worst seems to be over now.

2. Menagerie, our guild, completed Dragon Soul on heroic mode, ranking 11th on the server, 7th on Alliance side. With a sudden sprint of progressing through the last two encounters during the same evening, I'm quite happy that we made it to 8/8 heroic by the end of the expansion. That also got me thinking the definition of casual. I've always considered us a casual raiding guild. It's quite obvious to all that Dragon Soul is the easiest raid for the designated level so far, also the most nerfed. But on our server, Moonglade EU, there are guilds that also call themselves casual with a progression that barely reaches the end of normal mode.
I thought some of our most important casual features were flexible raids, that we could have a couple of breaks during the raid time and we didn't have any super important progression schedule. Surely, every time we down a new boss, I set the goal to learning the next one (as I am the main raid leader and one out of three guild leaders).
I think on a very global scale, as a raid team, we're mediocore at our best. But I'm constantly looking to optimise the team for the best possible progression plan.

Commercial time! Do you want to be a part of Menagerie? We're a growing guild on the European RP realm Moonglade. We currently have about two raid groups, including the core group that raids Friday and Saturday evenings, and a less progression oriented bunch of people and alts that raid on Thursdays and Tuesdays, or one of those days. Let me know of your interest, or whisper Nicasia, Lanfranco or Kinsey, or alternatively an officer, in-game. This Menagerie is NOT for guests only!

3. I defeated my archnemesis. Vladan has struggled with Instructor Razuvious of Naxxramas for a long time, always getting slain by his abilities obliterating half of his health at once. Apparently the class changes of 5.0.4 buffed him so much that I was able to one-shot him (as in not dying to him before killing) last time I visited Naxxramas, and was finally able to finish the Military Quarter. Against all odds, the Four Horsemen were a surprisingly easy encounter.

Currently I have the most issues with Gluth, and it's because of lack of damage. I'm unable to damage through all his zombie-devouring heals before berserk. Due to not getting past the dog, I haven't had a shot at Thaddius, or the two mini-bosses before him. The two bosses mentioned are the only ones I can't kill alone in Naxxramas.

I'm very eager to try the Lich King, but according to my common sense, it's probably impossible to get through the gunship battle alone. Therefore I'll have to grab at least a couple of people with me. I did try to duo the gunship with Lanfranco, but we either wiped to the Skybreaker taking too much damage, or me dying because of the stacking debuff of the Horde boss that he does when I go out of his melee range to get rid of the mage.

I guess that was pretty much all the important stuff for now. I'll try to see you more when I get better and I'm done with my current work task. Take care, have fun and remember: 2 weeks till Pandaria!



    1. I know right! :D It's what I heard in my head!