Monday, May 28, 2012

10 hours of LANing

If your WLAN, mobile internet or head can't handle the 10 hour version, try this one.

Switch the power on, and go from offine to online
Game on, and fingers move by themselves already
Killermasa stopped by, we have 'LANs' tonight, yep
Let's see how many servers we get banned from tonight
I'm looking for the tune, but soon I'll be tense
When the ??? (no clue what) begin to argue on the chat in the middle of the game
I take it easy, but I'll be mad if I don't win
If you shoot one more time, I'll start throwing things around

We drink ES, LAN all night
Microwave pizza and hotdog, I don't eat anything else
Our gaming skills are admired by millions of fans
"Wanna go out?" Can't, we have LANs (The following times: "Wanna go swim?", "I'm gonna get ice cream", "Come on, let's go eat!")
I'm not interested in girls, or sociability
Computers are a second dimension for me
I've become engrossed in the game world, maybe a little bit marginalized
But I've got better at RuneScape
Not everyone can be fine against us (not the ideal way to translate, I just couldn't figure out a better one)
"They're cheating!" cry the trolling people
Today we forget about all unnecessary exercise
Tonight we don't need an hour of sleep

If you want to challenge us, you're welcome to try
You noob could never beat us in any way
Today we're gonna play CS and WoW
If you're a true nerd, join our LAN

by Masa & Teurastaja, translation by me

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